President Stresses Accelerated Development of Shar Date : 2014-02-17

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani emphasized swift development of shared oil and gas fields as a top priority of his government.

Visiting Darhkoveyn oil region in the Southwestern Khusestan province, the president said his government fully backs stepping up development of shared oil and gas fields, underlining the importance of deploying state of the art technologies for the development of the fields.
"We stretch out our hand towards everyone who performs the task cheaper and better," he said.
Referring to the importance of the oil in development of the country, Rouhani said that over the past decades oil had gone beyond mere an economic issue has played a strategic role in the country.
He added oil plays an effective role in the region an in the world saying those who say Persian Gulf War was a war for oil are right, because many wars take place for the sake of oil.
The volume of actual oil production and oil production capacity are among the elements of national power and our capabilities to recover oil implies the country’s might in view of science and management, the president said.
Elsewhere in his remarks, he stressed on maximizing domestically manufacturing as well as deploying elites and knowledge based companies’ capabilities in development of the country.
“As the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, has said the country should keep distance from selling crude oil, a process that should realize step by step”, Rouhani noted.
He referred to negative environmental impact of energy resource in Khuzestan province saying the government plans to allocate a percentage of oil revenues to the province, a subject that will be sent to Majlis for ratification after examination and finalization in the cabinet.