Company Policy

Javidan Energy Kish Co. with being active in the field of oil and gas and
petrochemicals, power plants and automation is proud to provide customer’s
needs with its human assets including high experienced managers and engineers
in oil industry and also young experts and specialists using the experiences of
the reputable global companies with a different approach and vision of customer

The main purpose of Javidan Energy Co. is to use principle efficiency of national
capital and self-sufficiency of Iran’s oil, gas and petrochemical industry, to
gain the largest share of the market and outstrip the competitors and to
accomplish this, the following leads has been put into consider:

Improve customer satisfaction and value their needs

Motivating and upgrading employees qualifications

Continuous process improvements

The company’s management with the belief on the deep impact of proficiency and scientific and
practical experience of the staff, requests the cooperation and participation
of all its partners while committing on organizing and reviewing the system
processes and resources necessary to meet the policy objectives in accordance
with the standard requirements. The quality management system ISO 9001:2008 and
professional rules provide the necessary framework for the continuity and
dynamism of the system.